Please contact us if you would like specific training on assessment / management of trauma, PTSD or Dissociative Disorders. Training can be arranged for half or full-day training sessions, and would include what dissociation is, origins, everyday living with the condition, case studies and working out strategic plans for either NHS or independent organisations.

Mike completed a workshop on complex dissociation at the UK Psychological Trauma Society conference in Cardiff at the end of 2017 and will be running a full day pre-conference workshop at the end of 2018, with some extremely positive feedback being given by participants. Registration details will be added nearer the time. The Trauma and Abuse Group (TAG) had their residential conference in June, where Mike and a service user presented two workshops on "how to be successful in dissociation therapy". 


2018 started in a very busy way, with training being provided on Trauma and Dissociation to NHS Trusts in Birmingham and Derby, and as part of the ESTD Foundation Course, to a group in Manchester. A training day on Developmental Trauma was also provided to the Sue Lambert Trust in Norwich. Feedback has been excellent! There is more to come, so watch the website for updates!

The four day Foundation Course: Understand and Working with Traumatic Dissociation is now open for booking, via the First Person Plural website. The Manchester course recently finished, so check the link for other foundation courses being held in 2018 and into 2019.

Feedback on Training from a recent workshop:

"Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for the really wonderful training on Saturday.  It felt really inspiring... It means a great deal to us to be working with our clients in the best way possible and having someone so obviously passionate about the complex work is inspiring.  I would really like to thank your courageous clients for giving so freely of their experiences as this really informs us about how to work in the best possible way with our clients.  We sort of know it but are always wondering if there is more we can do.   It is good to know that we can sometimes be enough. This is the best sort of training for us